About Danna’s Radio Diner

Danna’s Radio Diner is a half hour radio show of Interesting People. Interesting Places and Interesting Subjects with Dick And Danna Vernon. It has been broadcast for over 4 years on radio stations. This website is an archive of many of the broadcasts over a period of 4 years.

Many of you have wondered just who we are, so to help you know us we have prepared a resume that you can read. Just click here: Dick & Danna Resume 5-18-2011

Also, I (Dick) have done many things in my life. The best job or occupation that I have held is “Professional Bum”. Click here: Professional Bum and you will find out more information on why I am a Professional Bum.

1 Response to About Danna’s Radio Diner

  1. Charlie Godart says:

    Hi Dick & Danna,
    My name is Charlie Godart (God-ert) and i am a longtime friend of Tony Barge. People come up to me all the time and think I’m him LOL. I just tell them i’m a Tony Barge impersonator!! I’m a musician (yes country),a songwriter, and now a filmmaker. just finished my 1st comedy movie and would like to be a guest on your show. 724-417-0274 is my number. lots of celebrity appearances in the movie including Charlie Daniels. thanks for your time enjoyed catching up with Donnie Clark and the Tony Barge interviews.

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